Inter garrison Rolled Up Finger Stitches


Inter garrison Rolled Up Finger Stitches

Recorded on Dec 19, 2013 @ ~ 3am automatically (Trying out this pre-set engaging BroadCast, so I can set up and go hands free (ears, eyes, mouth, free) and get much needed rest. Some of it bombed. so I tossed those, though they’re not bad — just short.
*there is one sample from (the)MELVINS that is automatically played in a drum kit I made in iMPC. Catch it if you can. – Captured Live on Ustream

captjrab/By Any Dreams Necessary


Sleepy Song/Another day has been it won’t be long
So if you’re playing this at home please dream along/
Comfortably/Slipping slippers off
Stillness thoughts/Upon your pillow soft
Covers up/Wrapped in a cozy cloth
For all that lay ahead
All the waking hours
All the time devoured
Holding tight to stress and horror
Prepare for flight through this
Nightscape spaceathon
Won’t you space along?
In your nest/Untwist your body rest
A little stretch/Back to your genesis
Winding down/A short synaptic twitch
To dreams lain straight ahead
No tickets needed
No passports please
No paperwork or state ID’s
So by any dreams necessary
We’re taking back the peace by piece by peace
(Come on with me)
One dream at a time
Goodnight folks/We’re signing off for now
You’re safe and sound/Snug your loved one near
You’re almost there/We’ll let you go from here
With a little prayer
All the news you eat
All incomplete
Never to resolve
Edge of your seat
Without a fear
Wings outstretched wide
Off the ledge you dive
Angels sweeping by

Rabbles appearing @ the Clarion Alley Block Party Sat. 10/26/13

Rabs on @ 6:00 Valencia Stage

Rabs on @ 6:00 Valencia Stage

The Clarion Alley Block Party is my favorite music festival in SF. All the others are a little too “Music Bizzy” for my taste (Re Noise Pop, Hardly Strikly, Mission Creek). This event represents the unfiltered SF music scene. These bands actually live here or Oakland. So many I’ve never heard before. It’s going to be great. And Wait, there’s more….Culture and Art too. All the murals will be up and look their best. See above flyer for details.

measuring it with a ROTISSERIE chicken