GLITCHES…… ok, wtf?

GLITCHES…… ok, wtf?


A new look and some thoughts and examples on #glitches

Originally posted on NAVANAX INK™:

EVERYWHERE WE SEE AN OLD BRAND OF NEW ‘FAD ART’ that goes by the name of teh “GLITCH”
When this obsession for the nostalgia of the broken frame, the V-Hold adjustment that was always something to be frustrated about – NOT celebrated and mass-produced on a Walter Benjamin Essay’s possible connection. The first time I saw #glitchart on the caliber of the exemplary, it was on Twitter @PadrickBentley … I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But I still needed more answers as such large questions loomed over the implications and layers of form and content. When I asked Padrick about an image; whether it was a glitch or not, his answer was odd and brought me to a more comfortable place to decide what a glitch really was and what cultural impact it was conveying or having upon the social conscious of the world.His observation was that the…

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Inter garrison Rolled Up Finger Stitches


Inter garrison Rolled Up Finger Stitches

Recorded on Dec 19, 2013 @ ~ 3am automatically (Trying out this pre-set engaging BroadCast, so I can set up and go hands free (ears, eyes, mouth, free) and get much needed rest. Some of it bombed. so I tossed those, though they’re not bad — just short.
*there is one sample from (the)MELVINS that is automatically played in a drum kit I made in iMPC. Catch it if you can. – Captured Live on Ustream